How Ad Analytics can Improve the ROI

The digital advertising ecosystem has emerged as a next generation of social business and it’s powered with analytics. Social advertising has evolved with a fierce competition to reach audience and it has changed the entire scenario. Now, the marketing strategy requires more of Ad intelligence than ad spend like earlier.

Ad networks revolve around 3 important stakeholders namely the Publishers, Ad Network, and the Advertisers. Ad analytics has grown and evolved over years to help out both publishers and advertisers to understand the demographics, likes and dislikes of their target group of customers. It has proved to be advantageous for the publisher because it improves the overall experience of the customer. The publisher with the help of ad analytics knows what does the viewer like because the viewer is most likely to drop out if the ads are not relevant and are intrusive to him.

Ad network & Ad analytics is important for Advertisers because unlike traditional advertising digital is one way where broadcast can be done to the target audience. It is a much more effective form of advertising and can be made even more effective with better targeted ads.

It is important for Ad Network operators as this is one way to improve operations for both its publishers and advertisers. It leads to a perfect match of an Ad to a publisher site. Better match means happy clients.

Ad Networks as a Facilitator of Ad Analytics
Our main focus is on Ad Networks as they are the facilitator of Ad-Analytics or you can say enabler to Ad-Effectiveness, as its main aim is to enable better user experiences. Ad analytics captures information linked to

  • Impressions/viewers over time
  • Clicks
  • Time spent on the landing page/time spent viewing
  • Reach with unduplicated(unique) viewers
  • Time day, tag wise Ad views
  • Conversions and registrations with the Ads – Track direct response

It also gives information pertaining to profile of the visitors – age, gender, geography, interest, past searches and conversions and registrations with the Ads – Track direct response. This is how effectiveness of the ad is tracked all the way through.

Tracking of Valid User Information
Let’s look at how ad networks track valid user information. This is done through mapping target group of campaign with segment behaviour of profiles based on likeliness of clicks & converts for each publisher site. It also helps by getting to know the campaign performance and the performance improvements to be made in the campaign based on time, day, and tags. It also tracks A/B testing to compare similar campaigns altogether. Also, advertisers use this information to understand campaign specific customer response and thereby, build the right message. It serves as a tool to let advertiser know the right place and time to promote the ad .With the help of analytics, advertiser can easily track if the ad has got high visibility and if the leads are getting into high converts.
The refined data combinations attributes to increase of reach, improve on targeting, direct – indirect converts. Hence it improves overall Ads effectiveness leading to higher ROI.

How AdNetwork can add these extra features for its happy client?
The basic platform of an AdNetwork enables ad-serving for its advertisers and publishers with typical details about campaign impressions and clicks. This platform can be integrated with a third party platform (Ad-Ops service provider) which enables various features such as:

  •  Track running campaign customer profile and behavior based on cookies and pixel. This captures data about their demographics, geographies and psychographic details of the user. It also helps to track audience segments visiting different site, clicking on different tags at different point of time and day. This help profile each publisher site for understanding the audience base.
  • It helps to track and compare separate yet similar campaigns for conveying the right message to the right customer.
  • It helps the user to map sites and publishers with campaign based on score calculated considering the likeliness of converts.

Thus Ad analytics and ad advertising is growing at a great pace day by day and it’s growing importance has been put forth above and is a great tool to analyse the right customer segment both for the publisher, advertiser and the ad network operations altogether.


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